AGC Ministry: Basic Etiquette

From the desk of Grace Mathew:

Basic Etiquette
As we are in the nascent stage of our All God’s Children Ministry, it’s important to be educated on some basics. We never mean to offend others but sometimes a lack of forethought and/or English being our second language, our words or statements can hurt parents and families.
For starters here’s some etiquette that’s good to follow. I apologize if this may seem redundant to you.

We don’t want to label or define the child with the diagnosis, instead address the child first and then the disability. Few examples:

  • Don’t Say: special needs child; Say: child with special needs
  • Don’t Say: Downs kid, Down syndrome child; Say: child with Down syndrome
  • Don’t Say: autistic child; Say: child with autism
  • Don’t Say: disabled person; Say: person with a disability
  • Don’t Say: mentally retarded; Say: person with/has an intellectual disability

Thank you, and please add our AGC ministry to your prayer list.

April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day. Remember to “light up blue” to show your support.

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