It is very important to show Christ like humility at all times including holidays. Read this wonderful article to find out more.

A practical guide to productivity written by Tim Challies. In Do More Better, you will learn: Common obstacles to productivity / The great purpose behind productivity / 3 essential tools for getting things done / The power of daily and weekly routines / And much more, including bonus material on taming your email and 20 tips I have learned along the way.

There is something wonderfully unique about Christian parents. Christian parents seek to maintain a counter-cultural flavor even as we seek to prepare our children for entrance into that culture as fully-functioning adults. They seek to prepare their children for life on earth at the same time as they are seeking to prepare them for life in heaven.

Even as the secular world and at times certain Christians are clamoring for the need to arm themselves, Pastor John Piper offers a different perspective. Read on to find out more.