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Check out the following links to read, ponder and take one more step in our journey towards Christian maturity.

  • Letter to a teenager in need

    In this article, John Piper answers the question, “If God promises to meet all our needs, why are we hungry?” Click the link to find out his answer.

  • Grand Weaver by Ravi Zachariah

    Have you ever stopped to marvel and the wonder of God’s plan in your life, wherein every event- tragic, joyful or even mundane were intricately connected together as a part of a beautiful design. Read this insightful book by Ravi Zachariah (internationally acclaimed author and apologist) who wades through different real life incidents and scriptures and establishes the fact that we are part of Gods plan and were created for a purpose and not a product of our own efforts.

  • The loneliness of suffering

    One of the most prominent ways that Satan tries to target and bog down people is by creating an illusion of loneliness in their hearts. Vaneetha Rendall shares with us the way to overcome our grief in trying circumstances, spending time at His feet in prayer. While seemingly difficult, remember, he will always be our comforter and a very present help in trouble.


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