According to God’s sovereign plan, I.P.C Hebron started as a small gathering of Malayalee American Pentecostals in the early 1970’s. Since then, God has been exceedingly merciful and the Malayalam service is now attended by more than 400 believers. 

We gather together every Sunday at 9:00 am in the main sanctuary. Rev. Shaji Daniel faithfully leads the congregation, sharing from the word of God.  

We would love to have you worship with us if you are in the greater Houston area.


The English service at I.P.C Hebron takes place every Sunday at 10:45 am. Under the guidance of the English Service leadership team led by Pastor Rufus Mathews, many ministries have been birthed. These ministries have served as an encouragement and grounds for the spiritual growth for many. Our earnest desire is to make disciples and go into the world to be His ambassadors. 

The English Service serves to strengthen the current generation to live a faithful Christian life in our postmodernist society. We welcome you to join us if you are in town.


Being a multi-linguistic church, I.P.C. Hebron started it’s Hindi service in 2013. Our vision is to effectively partner with people irrespective of barriers such as language, to gather together to glorify our Father in Heaven. By the grace of  God, we have been able to reach and engage a portion of the Hindi speaking community in our area. Hindi service happens every Sunday at 7 pm with distinguished speakers almost every week who engage us as they share the word of God.  

 Hum aapko swaagat kartha hein!