24 Hour Prayer

24 Hr Prayer takes place on Monday and Thursday.  If you are available and want to take part of our 24 Hour Prayer Ministry, please sign up for a half an hour slot that meets your schedule and availability.

Prayer Points

  • Pray
    • That God would bless, protect and use our pastors and their families for His glory and our spiritual growth.
    • That God would give the leaders of our church and the people who hold offices the wisdom to make decisions in accordance with God’s purpose. 
    • For different ministries of our church and for those involved in each of them – Women’s Ministry; LOL (Young Women’s Ministry); Sunday School; Children’s Ministry; Youth Ministries – SNL, MPG, GLOW, Life Group; Evangelism and Outreach Ministry; Prayer & Care Ministry; Worship Teams (Malayalam, English, Hindi and Tamil), The Journey (Young Married Couple Ministry); PYPA. 
    • For our missionaries who go to different parts of the world to preach gospel and expansion of kingdom, pray for their protection and mission fields.
    • For our church mission fields- Thiruvampadi and North India missions and the pastors that are leading those missions. 
    • That God will bless the church families with physical, emotional and spiritual health.
    • That God would give our church deep unity around the great commandment and the great commission.
    • That our church will have a deeper hunger for God, His word, prayer and desire to walk in Obedience to His ways.
    • That the Holy Spirit would convict our church family of the sin that is hidden from us and the sins that we are hiding from others and of any unrepentant sin.
    • That we will learn what it means to fear the Lord and walk in His love.