Mission 2:14

Local Mission

Mission 2:14 is the local missions of our church under one umbrella.

Medical Camp

Medical Camp for the Nepali Refugee Camp in Houston, TX

Health Fair

Health Fair to Houston Community @IPC Hebron, Houston, TX

Hospital Visitation

Visit Hospitals and Heath Care and Nursing Homes in Houston Metro Area

Montrose Outreach

An outreach ministry to the homeless community at Montrose area in Houston downtown.

Clothing Drive

Clothing Drive in winter time to cloth the homeless in Houston Metro area.

Blood Drive

Blood Drive to donate blood to Houston Blood Bank


  • Mathew Joshua | Ph: 832.419.8060 |Email
  • Geiby George | Ph: 832.265.6050 | Email: Email

Upcoming Event

  • Homeless Outreach Ministry
  • January 20, 2018

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