The Indian Pentecostal Church of God in Houston, TX is seeking a passionate and experienced leader to fill the role of Youth Pastor to lead a large congregation, includes youth and children. The Youth Pastor should be able to preach and minister relevantly to a generationally diverse crowd comprised of primarily South Indian descent (i.e. Kerala, India). We are seeking someone who is familiar with this culture and has interest/experience ministering to this group of believers.

General Job Description

The Youth Pastor must provide spiritual leadership to the whole spectrum of the church youth congregation which includes the children and youth (High school & under).

The Youth Pastor should also be able to assist the Senior Pastor & Associate Pastor on Sunday mornings to support and encourage the congregation to help them to lead a more abundant and fruitful Christian life.

In addition to his responsibilities with Sunday ministry events, the role will be active throughout the week. The Youth Pastor must be able to lead and participate in various church meetings and events, counseling, and other duties assigned by Senior Pastor and Associate Pastor.

The Youth Pastor will be required to work with the Senior Pastor / Associate Pastor and the church leadership on new programs, events, and initiatives which will encourage and lead the youth congregation to greater spiritual growth.

Minimum Qualification

  • 25 years of age or older
  • Married
  • Bachelor’s degree in Theology or other biblical studies earned through an on-campus program
  • Saved, baptized, and filled with the Holy Spirit
  • Living a life pleasing to the Lord
  • 2 years of ministerial experience (Teaching & Preaching)
  • Legally authorized to work full time in United States
  • Preferably someone who is familiar with the South Indian (Keralite) culture and has genuine interest/experience ministering to this group of believers

Job Responsibilities

Ministry to Youth (High School and Under)
  • Teach, disciple, nurture, strengthen, and encourage the spiritual growth and development of the youth according to the Word of God.
  • Develop, promote and coordinate a balanced program of activities and discipleship ministry to youth.
  • Train, mold and involve youth and youth leaders in an effort to help them minister inside and outside of the church to believers and non-believers.
  • Provide ministerial assistance to Senior Pastor and Associate Pastor.
  • Provide leadership to the Children’s church coordinator and responsible for oversight and planning for weekly Children’s church service.
  • Shall participate in Sunday School and assist the Principal with the leadership responsibilities when necessary.
  • Shall assist the leadership team that serve youth and children with planning as needed.
  • Shall hold, conduct, or supervise a weekly youth meeting.
  • Provide assistance to Senior Pastor and Associate Pastor on Sunday mornings to support and encourage the congregation.
  • Be available for counseling in a spiritually mature and spirit filled environment.
  • Engage with the youth regularly to foster friendships and serve as a mentor.
  • Provide leadership training and discipleship to develop the future leaders for various ministries in the church.
Accountability Activities
  • Help in planning a yearly budget for the youth ministries and submit it to the Church Board for approval. This will require input from various ministry leaders.
  • Make a yearly schedule for all major youth activities and present it to the Church Board. This will require coordination and input from various ministry leaders so everyone’s ideas are heard.
Other Duties and Responsibilities
  • Lead, organize, and assist in the following ministries
    1. PYPA
    2. VBS
    3. SNL
    4. Life Group
    5. Campus Ministries
    6. Various Missions and Outreaches
    7. And in any other ministries/activities/events the church may require assistance
  • Provide spiritual care during the week primarily to the youth such as provide counseling, visiting and ministering to the sick, etc.
  • Meet with the Senior Pastor & Associate Pastor weekly for prayer, mentorship, and planning the week.
  • Will be available to fill the pulpit and act as a responsible delegate when the Associate Pastor is unavailable, away on business, or on vacation as directed by the Senior Pastor and the Church Board.
  • Be committed to and abide by Pentecostal tenets of faith as specified in the church Constitution.
  • The youth Pastor will have a leadership role within the various church youth ministries and reported to the Associate Pastor.

The Youth Pastor serves under the supervision and guidance of the Associate Pastor and remains open, receptive and collaborative to feedback and guidance provided by the Associate Pastor. The Youth Pastor is accountable directly to the Associate Pastor and the Church Board.

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